Marche Teatro is a consortium uniting three theatrical organizations of the Marche Region: the Fondazione “Le Città del Teatro” (already acknowledged as a public theatre company), the Associazione Inteatro, and the cooperative Teatro del Canguro, previously known as, respectively, Stabile di Innovazione and Stabile per l’infanzia. In 2014 Marche Teatro has been included among the public theatres company by the Mibact (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism). In 2015 it asked for and obtained the recognition as Teatro di Rilevante Interesse Culturale. The director of Marche Teatro is Velia Papa.

Marche Teatro handles:

  • Teatro delle Muse – headquarters of the Body – which has 5 performance halls inside: Sala Grande (1200 seats), Ridotto (180 seats), Sala Melpomene and Sala Clio (50 seats), Salone delle Feste (250 seats)
  • Teatro Sperimentale (450 seats) and Teatrino del Piano (99 seats)
  • In Polverigi: Villa Nappi – secondary headquarters – the traditional place where artists can reside and practise, which has a 50-seats performance hall inside; Teatro della Luna and Cinema Italia (99 seats).

The Consorzio Marche Teatro, set up in 2014, was strongly encouraged by the Comune di Ancona and the Regione Marche to create a strong and productive regional centre. During a year and a half of activity, there have been some positive effects as: a sharp increase of produced and hosted shows, the development of educational, social and propaedeutical activities, the reorganization and the improvement of the user services. From an artistic point of view, Marche Teatro is characterized by a great interest in contemporary works, paying particular attention to new authors, more innovative experiences and young artists, while keeping the relationship with the tradition of acting and playwriting up. Among the supported artists and the productions there are: Carlo Cecchi with Shakespeare’s “La dodicesima notte”; Arturo Cirillo in Giuseppe Patroni Griffi’s “Scende giù per Toledo”; Marco Baliani with “Trincea”; Lino Musella and Paolo Mazzarelli with “Strategie fatali” (new production) and “La Società”; Mattia Torre with “456”; Giacomo Ciarrapico in “Stare meglio oggi”; Alessandro Sciarroni with “Aurora” (new production) and the plays “Untitled _ I will be there when you die”, “Folk-s” and “Joseph”; Glen Çaçi in “KK // I’m a kommunist kid”; Davide Calvaresi and 7-8 chili with the new production of “Chimèra” and “A Play”; the Teatro del Canguro with a production, hospitality and educational project for youngsters.

Marche Teatro takes great care of international collaboration and coproduction. In this direction, in 2015 the play “The Train” was produced both in Italian and English. It has been written and directed by Pete Brooks and Andrew Quick, members of the company imitating the dog, in cooperation with LICA, Castle/Wellingborough Old Market/Brighton and with the backing of Arts Council England. A long international tour has been planned for this play, largely welcomed. In Marche Teatro repertoire there is also the Italian version of “The last supper”, a 2014 production, which has been written and directed by Mole Wetherell, a component of the Belgian group Reckless Sleepers.

Concerning hospitality, it stands out the historical Inteatro Festival manifestation, traditionally devoted to artistic innovation, that presents a selection of the best Italian and foreign productions in theatre and dance field.

President Gabriella Nicolini
Director Velia Papa
Press and Communication Beatrice Giongo

Offices: Teatro delle Muse, via della Loggia 1/d – 60121 Ancona
Tel (+39) 071 207841 Fax (+39) 071 20784207