Marche Teatro is a public funded body active in the field of the performing arts producing and promoting contemporary artistic projects, hosting creative residencies and programming theatre spaces; it is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Marche Region and the Municipality of Ancona.

Teatro delle Muse is the headquarter in the city of Ancona, with 1250 seats in the main venue plus two other smaller venues (50 e 100 seats) and other facilities including costume and scenography departments, a guesthouse, several rehearsal rooms, a cinema, a shop and a coffee bar. Marche Teatro also runs Villa Nappi in Polverigi, an ancient villa surrounded by a park, the historical place of Inteatro Festival. Villa Nappi is also offering rehearsal rooms and a guesthouse with kitchen; Villa Nappi is available to host artistic residencies all year long. Additional venues in Ancona city are Teatro Sperimentale (450 seats), a modern building with frontal stage, and Teatrino del Piano (99 seats), located in a suburb and devoted to special projects about audience development and community theatre.

The organization is very active on the international level, taking part in EU projects, joining networks and also designing brand new processes, such as “Crossing the sea”, a project born to create collaboration between Italian artists and Middle East, Asia, Oceania and South America performing arts organizations.

Inteatro Festival, created in 1977, is the main international event devoted to contemporary arts; it hosts, coproduces and supports local and foreign artists and it is considered a meeting place for professionals from all around the world.

Marche Teatro is also a producing organization, supporting emerging and renowned Italian artists, as well as taking part in international coproductions.

Would you like to collaborate with us, host one of our productions or cooperate for EU and international projects? Find more about us here below and get in touch with our team.

International activities and Development

Alessia Ercoli “”
Cristina Carlini “”

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A brochure that describes all MARCHE TEATRO venues.


Brochure about Villa Nappi, one of MARCHE TEATRO venues, located in Polverigi (AN – Italy)

current projects

The 43rd edition of the Inteatro Festival will be held in Ancona and Polverigi from 15 to 18 June 2022.

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Crossing the sea is a long term-strategy project that aims to establish connection and cooperation between the performing art sector in Italy and Middle East, Asia and South America. A network of 7 Italian Festivals and Theaters cooperates with 21 international partners through mobility, residencies, touring, online exchanges. Marche Teatro is leader partner of the project.

Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance is a two-year-long European research and training project, that brings together six leading contemporary dance organisations: Anghiari Dance Hub and Marche Teatro (Italy), Bora Bora (Denmark), Dance House Lemesos (Cyprus), DansBrabant (the Netherlands) and Tanec Praha (Czechia) to explore through exchange and collaboration dramaturgy as a creative and socially conscious practice.

productions available for international touring

concept, choreography and interpretation Ludovico Paladini
light designer Franco Mastropasqua, Michele Stura
costume Stefania Cempini
sound Jacopo Pace

tech managers Roberto Bivona, Mauro Marasà
stage manager Michele Carelli
machinist Leonardo Buschi
electrician Roberto Cammarata

production managers Emanuele Belfiore, Alessia Ercoli
production assistant Claudia Meloncelli

press office and communication chief Beatrice Giongo
promotion Benedetta Morico
webmaster and communication Fabio Leone
social media manager and graphic Lara Virgulti

production Marche Teatro

Our senses tell us a world of sensations as the magnifying glass that indicates the hidden in the obvious, showing the fear, poetry, frustration, freedom and its restrictions. An invitation to wonder, to be fascinated by what surrounds us with the naivety of a child, it
unwinds like a zapping of characters and worlds, sometimes similar and sometimes contrasting, painting before our eyes a varied and poetic picture that triggers the imagination in the spectator. On the whole there is a “crafty” quality linked to poor art since the materials used for costumes and set design are all handmade or reused objects.