Marche Teatro was founded in 2014 by consolidating the two historical experiences of Teatro Stabile delle Marche, regional public theatre, and Inteatro Festival, devoted to contemporary performing arts and international activities.

Marche Teatro is now recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage as “Theatre of significant cultural interest”, with Marche Region and Ancona Municipality as founder members.

With this new organization’s arrangement, Marche Teatro gathers now tradition and contemporary arts, representing a new model for the Italian system thanks to a unique combination of activities and features, all tailored on enhancing local audience, supporting emerging artists, increasing national and international relationships and consolidating the strategic role of this institution as cultural hub.

Programme and productions:

  • institutional theatre season, presenting famous pieces and great artists from Italian and international tradition. It’s the stage for productions with resident main artists, such as Carlo Cecchi, Arturo Cirillo and Marco Baliani;
  • contemporary performing arts season, hosting national and international companies. It’s the stage for international coproductions, outcomes of residencies, EU projects, resident contemporary artists, such as Alessandro Sciarroni and Luca Silvestrini’s Protein;
  • Inteatro Festival, born in 1977 and devoted to innovative and contemporary arts, taking place in June/July in Polverigi and Ancona and presenting Italian and international artists, special projects, international collaborations. Inteatro Festival is also where IETM network was born in 1981;
  • cinema production with artists moving from the stage to the screen, such as Giuseppe Piccioni’s “Diary of a promenade”, presented at Venice Film Festival 2021;
  • children and young theatre season;
  • opera season, hosted at Teatro delle Muse and organized by Fondazione delle Muse;
  • cinema season;
  • museum dedicated to performing arts’ masters, such as the installation by Romeo Castellucci.


  • 300 days of creative residencies:
  • workshop and educational:
  • mobility and internationalization of the sector:
  • set design and costume workshop;
  • audience development projects;
  • EU and international projects;
  • cinema and events.


  • Teatro delle Muse, Ancona (1147 seats), historical building located in the city centre
  • Teatro Sperimentale, Ancona (427 seats), modern building with frontal stage, a home for several local associations and organizations
  • Teatrino del Piano, Ancona (99 seats), located in the suburbs, devoted to special projects about audience development and community theatre
  • Villa Nappi, Polverigi, a beautiful villa in the countryside, offering rehearsal places, several stages, rooms, a kitchen and surrounded by a park

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